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“…a good experience throughout”

We have recently completed a significant extension and total renovation of a 3 bedroom detached house; the scope and value of the works was approximately £200,000. After  a competitive tender process involving 8 different contractors we chose Knightmaster for the way they broke down their costs, the quality of work we saw on their other sites, and by their attention to detail. The contract was clear and well presented and easily understood by both parties and their schedule of works was clearly laid out.

We agreed a financial plan where Knightmaster bought the materials and constructed to the schedule. Once these stage works were completed we were invited to inspect them and only once we were satisfied did we make the stage payment, so the risk always stayed with Knightmaster and due to the rate of their work this staged approach resulted in us paying approximately every 2 weeks over a 6 month period.

During the building process we made some minor changes to layouts, specs and features of the house including the addition of two extra windows. We also instructed Knightmaster to take on some additional works that were not part of the original contract. In each instant where they was a change in the original contract or additional works we were able to have a clear undertaking with prices from Knightmaster and once again works were delivered to our satisfaction before we made payment.

The build lasted 6 months. At all times the Knightmaster staff  were courteous and respectful and for a fair amount of the time we were living in the house under some quite major building works with a young child. This was only possible due to their good attitude and the way they kept the site clean and safe. The standard of workmanship was of a high quality and their attention to detail has resulted in a finish which has been much commented on and impressed a wide range of visitors to the house since the work has finished, including local estate agents.

On the few occasions when issues have arisen and decisions needed to be made, Martin as the proprietor of Knightmaster has attended site in a timely manner and resolved the issue to our satisfaction. During the course of the build Martin has at our request introduced us to individuals or companies he has worked with in the past to carry out certain elements of the build, when this has happened Knightmaster has still taken responsibility for the standard and schedule of their works.

The whole build and our engagement with Knightmaster has been a good experience throughout, and we are very pleased with our new home. We built a good relationship with Martin and his individual craftsmen. We would highly recommend Knightmaster to our friends as we feel they are competitive on price, reliable and conscientious and the end product has been delivered on time, to budget and at a good quality.

James and Annabel Taylor-Ross – Customers in Surrey