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Heritage Restoration

Heritage Restoration

Looking after our heritage is something that’s very important to us here at Knightmaster.

We go to great lengths to improve the skills of our workforce and help train the next generation so that we have a highly developed labour force.

This becomes apparent when we undertake heritage restoration projects. That’s because we not only have the skills and experience to restore buildings to their former glory but we also have the enthusiasm in trying match the master builders who have gone before us.

In addition, when we finish a project, the decorations, roofing and flooring are all made to look authentic. Our modern additions will be made to blend in with the original surrounds so that no-one will know any restoration work has been carried out.

Firms can only do this if they have the necessary passion and commitment from their workforce to do such impressive work.

Because we are always developing our skills, we are confident when undertaking the demanding nature of heritage works – especially those that encompass facade retention and repair, restoration to internal and external features as well as landscaping features.

It goes without saying that we can confidently undertake structural work and the re-roofing of heritage buildings. We have a wide range of highly skilled tradesmen who can carry out everything that needs to be done.

In recent times we have undertaken some very impressive work across a portfolio which includes churches, schools and large residential houses. Indeed, we would be more than happy for to inspect any of the heritage works that we have carried out. We are convinced that you will be very happy with what you see.

Your inquiry about building contractors who can undertake heritage works in Surrey, Hampshire, South West London, Sussex, Essex, Middlesex, Berkshire should only have one result – ours! That’s because Knightmaster is the only number you will need.

We are happy to visit you to discuss any aspect of heritage works. Please contact us on 07776 147149.

With most heritage work needing a special skillset, be reassured that as professional building consultants and contractors we will not let you down!